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        For enterprises that often need to use the mixing machine, the working efficiency and performance of the mixing machine and its accessories will directly affect the entire production process. Therefore, it is very important to understand the mixing machine, and it is also important to pay attention to the safety of the mixing machine.
        1. The mixing machine and its accessories shall be firmly installed, and a relatively flat section shall be selected as far as possible to ensure that the walking wheel is off the ground and the base is higher than the ground, which is an important prerequisite for ensuring the normal operation of the machine.
        2. Before the mixing machine starts to work, it should be idling first, and then add mixed materials after confirming that it can work normally.
        3. During the mixing process, it is necessary to ensure that water is added slowly during the feeding process, which is a key step to ensure the mixing quality. (It is forbidden to put mixing materials beyond the rated quality)
        4. In the process of feeding, it is forbidden to touch the machine with various tools, and it is more strictly prohibited to stretch tools into the mixing drum to pull out materials.
        5. When removing the sundries in the mixing drum and hopper, it is necessary to cut off the power supply of the machine to ensure that the work can continue under the shutdown state.
        6. When selecting the working parts of the mixing machine (such as bearings, idler belts, parts of the mixing machine, etc.), try not to look for cheap and compare them in many ways, and try to choose products with high cost performance.
        In case of failure of the mixing machine, it is strictly prohibited to operate the mixing machine forcibly, which will not only seriously shorten the service life of the machine, but also easily cause various accidents. The correct way is to immediately cut off the power supply of the machine, carefully check, eliminate the cause of the accident, and then apply medicine to the symptoms.
        For the all-in-one mixing machine, the potential safety problems brought by the all-in-one mixing machine in the production process can have large or small consequences. Only when they cause enough problems can these problems be eliminated. Come to our website if you have any related questions http://www.tywlkj.cn Find out!


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