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        概述:1 清潔方式:混泥土自動上料攪拌車供油不足,發動機搖晃,怠速不穩定,油耗增加,如果加速不良,請去修理廠或4S車間,原因是積碳您可以檢查

        1. Cleaning method: the fuel supply of the automatic concrete feeding mixer is insufficient, the engine shakes, the idle speed is unstable, and the fuel consumption increases. If the acceleration is poor, please go to the repair shop or 4S workshop, because of carbon deposition. You can check whether it is clean. Therefore, if it is determined that these problems are caused by excessive carbon deposition, it is recommended to disassemble the engine for cleaning, but if there is no time or energy to disassemble the engine, it should be cleaned. The use of fuel additives can solve these problems.
        2. Maintenance type: the additive is a strictly clean fuel additive. Its composition is similar to the above clean fuel additive, but its usage is less than that of clean type.
        3. Type of octane number adjustment: octane number refers to the knock index of flame resistance. Generally speaking, it usually refers to the amount of 92 octane number. Fuel additives are mainly used to increase the octane number of fuel, improve the quality of engine oil, reduce the possibility of knock engine and reduce engine damage.
        4. Comprehensive type: the additive has the properties of the above three products. It is a relatively advanced fuel additive. Clean and control carbon deposition. In addition, the octane number increased. The product is more expensive than the three fuel additives listed above.


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