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        The workload of the automatic feeding mixer is large. As long as the user has some special maintenance knowledge, it will be very helpful to use it. However, mechanical oil leakage is a common problem. Today, I will teach you these tips.
        Excessive use and oil seals are normal wear conditions. Solution: Replace the oil seal with a new one.
        If the engine oil is not replaced for a long time, the filter element is unqualified, the engine oil is too dirty, and the oil seal is accelerated to wear. Solution: Replace the hydraulic oil and filter element as soon as possible.
        The balance of the transmission shaft fails and the swing is large, causing eccentric wear of the main shaft swing oil seal. Solution: Correct and replace the shaft in time. The hydraulic oil is deteriorated and emulsified, which leads to the decline of lubricating performance and accelerates the wear of oil seals. Solution: replace the hydraulic oil and filter element as soon as possible, and clean the system in serious cases. The pump bracket is loose, the pump is started, and the pump fixing bolts are loose, which causes the overall vibration of the hydraulic pump and the wear of the oil seal.
        The oil return of the automatic feeding and mixing system is not smooth, and the oil return pipe and radiator are blocked, which leads to the pressure rise in the motor housing and oil leakage of the oil seal. Solution: Remove the blockage and keep the oil return circulation smooth. If the radiator does not dissipate heat, the oil temperature is too high, the viscosity and lubricity are reduced, the oil seal is overheated, and the seal fails. Solution: Troubleshoot the radiator and cool the system to avoid wear of the pump motor. In serious cases, stop the engine and shut down, flush the pump motor and radiator housing with water to achieve cooling effect.
        In addition, you should always check and eliminate the possible faults of the automatic feeding mixer to prevent and avoid them. More relevant content will come to our website http://www.tywlkj.cn Consult!


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