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        Due to the rapid development of rural construction, people's demand for concrete mixers is increasing. Of course, in order to use the equipment better and more safely, you need to know about the various systems of the equipment. The following sections will analyze for you.
        The water supply system of concrete mixer is generally composed of water pump, water pump drive device, water tank and water gauge, which is similar to the water supply system of general mixer.
        In this water supply system, only one honeybee tank water gauge and relevant control water valve capable of withstanding a certain air pressure are set. When working, the compressed air of the vehicle is used to enter the water tank through decompression, and the water stored in the water tank is pressed out of the pipe for cleaning or mixing concrete.
        The principle of water supply system is composed of sealed pressure water tank, gate valve, water meter (water meter) and three-way valve. The outlet pipe is connected to the lower part of the pressure water tank and connected to the water source or working part through the valve.
        The cover of the water tank is equipped with an exhaust valve and a safety valve for water inlet and exhaust and overpressure protection. In addition, it is also connected with a compressed air intake pipe. The compressed air is introduced from the air storage tank of the car, and is supplied to the water tank for drainage through the pressure reducing valve and control valve.
        Fill the water tank with water before work, connect compressed air with the water tank during work, adjust the three-way valve as required, and the water is sent to the flushing pipe or mixing cylinder along the pipeline and valve.
        The water volume of the pneumatic water supply system is generally three quarters of the water tank; All valves in the waterway system shall be closed when the vehicle is running, so as not to affect the braking performance of the vehicle, or sinter friction plates, thereby affecting the braking performance of the vehicle.
        It is prohibited to weld and change the water tank at will to avoid heavy object impact; Check the valve body frequently for blockage or abnormal operation; When the water supply system is used in an environment with the possibility of icing, the water storage must be drained to prevent the pipeline from freezing; Check the tightness of the system frequently. After disassembly and repair, apply thread sealant to key parts.
        How to use the water supply system of concrete mixer? The relevant content of this question has been explained above. If you have any doubts or needs, please come to our website http://www.tywlkj.cn Consult!


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